The objective of club is to develop fitness level of probationers by engaging them in morning PT exercise and field games in the evening hours. The club has state of the art infrastructure like GYM, Badminton Hall, Squash Court, Lawn Tennis Courts, Snooker and Billiards facilities, Table Tennis along with good Volleyball, Basketball courts and beautiful cricket and football grounds having stadium facility for viewers.

Club has engaged experienced trainers, for physical training, who give individual attention to each probationer. To develop professional touch in games, coaches for different outdoor as well as indoor games have also been engaged. In order to give in house treatment to minor injuries, one physiotherapist is also appointed. To keep the courts and ground in good shape, a team of 8-10 personnel is there who also take care of the sports equipment and related inventory.

Along with these major events, sports club regularly organizes Cricket, Football, Basketball, Volleyball matches with other institutions like FRI, IIRS, ICFRE, Punjab And Haryana State, Kendriya Vidyalaya etc. At the same time, club also organizes inter service matches with the probationers of other services visiting IGNFA.

In order to create gender equality and promote games like football and cricket among women, Sports Club has initiated Tip Run and Hurly Burly Football under the guidance of OIC Sports.

Probationers participate enthusiastically in evening hour sports period on regular basis. In last one year, fitness level of probationers has shown considerable improvement.