Forestry sector in the country is facing multifaceted challenges and there are several emerging issues which call upon the Indian Forest Service officers to be well equipped with the new skill sets. Over the years, training of the IFS Probationers at the academy has become more intensive. The syllabi of different subjects being covered in the academy has also undergone some changes over the years. At present, the training at IGNFA is for 20 months and a four month Foundation Course at LBSNAA.

MoEF has constituted a committee under the chairmanship of Director, IGNFA for the revision of curriculum for training of IFS at IGNFA. The committee will also assess the learning environment and infrastructure at IGNFA, Dehradun.

IGNFA desires to have your comments on the content, methodology of training at IGNFA, evaluation or any other point relevant to the IFS training at IGNFA to