The Academy encourages the probationers to bring out their potential through extra curricular activities for their all-round development. For this various clubs have been constituted which take care of different the activities assigned to them. Overall the club is called as IGNFA Club, which has Director IGNFA as the President and one faculty member as the Vice President. Execution of various activities of IGNFA Club is done by General Secretary (GS) who is elected/nominated by the probationers amongst themselves. The GS coordinates various clubs like Cultural Club, Nature Club, Literary Club, Movie Club, Lounge Club, Sports Club etc. All these clubs also have their respective secretaries, which are elected/ nominated by the probationers amongst themselves.

The Lounge

This is the place in the hostel for the probationers to set aside the day’s demands and relax. This is where plan and preparation for cultural activities and other programs are discussed and given shape. Time-to-time meetings of various clubs are also held here. This is the common room for the probationers to share bonds of friendship, to spend time in discussions, to watch sports matches on the large TV screen and to hold impromptu celebrations. All major magazines, newspapers are subscribed weekly for keeping the probationers up to date with the current events. Carom, Table Tennis and Piano are a great attraction for the probationers in their leisure hours.


Trophies and medals won by the probationers in various inter academy games are displayed in the exhibition section. The Lounge secretary is responsible for keeping the lounge up-to-date and maintains the discipline in the lounge.

The Nature Club

Activities like – trekking, nature walks, photography competitions, rangoli competitions and nature quizzes are held from time to time by the club. The club also periodically makes pamphlets containing the photos of New forest birds. This can be used as guide for identification of Birds in FRI campus. It also undertakes bird watching sessions for interested probationers. The club has also exhibited some of the best photographs taken by Officer trainees expressing various themes like nature, landscapes, birds etc., The photos are displayed in notice board of administrative block. Nature club also conducts periodic photography competitions, holds quizzes and other competitions amongst probationers.


Nature club is maintaining 6 bicycles contributed by the 2010-12 batch. The officer trainees to move around in the pristine and scenic campus use the cycles. The club is also maintaining, “ Social network based information system” with the help of community page (NEW FOREST NATURE CLUB) in social networking site FACEBOOK. This page has received lot of support and recognition from many senior IFS officers from various parts of the country.

This is serving as a very good platform for sharing the experience and wildlife related issues and photographs thereby helping the young officer trainees to learn.

Cultural Club

“A nation's culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Our forefathers loved and appreciated each others culture and created India a land of varieties; where unity in diversity is the true essence of our cultures. It is our responsibility to take up the baton, to learn, appreciate, and transmit our beautiful cultures to our younger generation. And we, the cultural club of Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy spread this multiculturalism through various efforts through various activities.



We make our stay beautiful and memorable through various activities that we engage right from the moment we stepped into the academy. From time to time we organize various competitive events such as Antakshari, Dumb charades, etc., involving all the faculty members and families. We too invite various guest artists and performers such as Purulia Chhau dancers, Odissi dancers, great Bharatanatyam dancers etc. in collaboration with SPIC MACAY, “The society for the promotion of Indian classical Music and Culture amongst youth”. Cultural club of Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy is known for festivities. We celebrate all the Indian festivals starting from New Year till Christmas.

Once in a month/twice in a month we organize DJ parties to chill out after long tours and various exercises. We display our talents through cultural nights organized frequently. The most memorable celebration is the Meghotsav, the cultural fest, it’s the sheer euphoria of motion, and it is a 2 to 3 days non-stop festival with events going on well throughout. The events include music, drama, dance, stage shows, treasure hunts, orchestra, and fun games. It is the time when one can feel the real taste of various cultures not only of India but also of other cultures from Officers who’ve joined us at the training from Bhutan.

Movie Club

Hollywood, Bollywood, regional movies, foreign languages are screened at the New Hostel Auditorium :–

  • Movies to be screened have been decided by receiving ‘Viewers choice’ from probationers and faculty.
  • Movie club is maintaining a huge collection of almost movies and documentaries, which can be accessible for Probationers and faculty from the local network of IGNFA.

Literary Club

Reading and writing are the hobbies that develop one’s outlook of the world in a larger perspective. They attribute to our inherent curiosity and inquisitiveness with a better understanding about different facets of life. As literature is experiencing the experiences of others; it evolves a person into a better human being in all aspects of life. IGNFA officer’s club is actively showcasing and promoting literary interests of IFS probationers through its Literary Club. Secretary and Joint Secretary of the Literary Club are chosen through elections from senior and junior IFS Probationer Batches, respectively.

Library of IGNFA is very rich in literature of different languages and for different age groups as well. Literary club promotes the interest of its officers in literature through assisting in different academic activities like classroom presentations of book reviews, panel discussions, debates, participatory writing competitions, graffiti etc.

From time to time, it organizes ‘in campus’ book exhibitions in association with local publishing houses that provide on the spot purchase facility also. Officers also use the electronic media like Face-book groups to express and share their view on various subjects.

Computer Club

The club interfaces with the IT team of IGNFA to help probationers with their IT requirements. The IT club actively coordinates with the IGNFA IT team to work on latest initiatives like – the IGNFA Cloud, IGNFA website, so on.

The club also helps the probationers to better understand the Internet and technology space. It also helps in coordinating various events of the other clubs when needed and also holds tech awareness programs from time to time.

IGNFA Newsletter – The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book initiative was taken up by the 2012 batch and has been phenomenal in the exhibition of the literary and creative talents of officer trainees and faculty alike!

It has sections to make the faculty, staff and officer trainees familiar with each other. There is a section – “Stars of the Issue” that features the people who work silently in the background for us, so that we have a comfortable stay at the Academy. There is humour, satire, sketches, comics, crosswords, beautiful pictures and also accounts of various events that are showcased on the newsletter.

Sports Club

As an integral part of the personality development of the IFS Probationer, various extracurricular opportunities are also provided. The Probationers are encouraged to organize various social, artistic, cultural and literary activities and manage their clubs and societies. This also aims at enhancing interaction between two batches which are present in the academy.

The IGNFA club is headed by the Director IGNFA, who is President, IGNFA Club. The Director nominates one of the Faculty Members as the Vice President, IGNFA Club. All probationers are members of the club. The post of Secretary of various clubs is manned by the senior batch Probationers and the post of Joint Secretary is manned by junior batch Probationers. Various clubs have an advisor from the Faculty.

The IGNFA Officers’ club provides facilities for Probationers, faculty, and members of the staff for indoor as well as outdoor Games.

The objective of club is to develop fitness level of probationers by engaging them in morning PT exercise and field games in the evening hours. The club has state of the art infrastructure like GYM, Badminton Hall, Squash Court, Lawn Tennis Courts, Snooker and Billiards facilities, Table Tennis along with good Volleyball, Basketball courts and beautiful cricket and football grounds having stadium facility for viewers.

Club has engaged experienced trainers, for physical training, who give individual attention to each probationer. To develop professional touch in games, coaches for different outdoor as well as indoor games have also been engaged. In order to give in house treatment to minor injuries, one physiotherapist is also appointed. To keep the courts and ground in good shape, a team of 8-10 personnel is there who also take care of the sports equipment and related inventory.



In the past one year, sports club has successfully organized inter-house Academy Games in April-2014. Sports Club also lead the team of 65 players in 21st All India Forests Sports Meet, Goa in which IGNFA witnessed All Time Best Performance securing 36 points. Sports Club also successfully organized inter house IGNFA Premier League (IPL), a night cricket tournament. On the occasion of Janmashtami, the Club also organized Dahi-Handi Sport.

Along with these major events, sports club regularly organizes Cricket, Football, Basketball, Volleyball matches with other institutions like FRI, IIRS, ICFRE, Punjab And Haryana State, Kendriya Vidyalaya etc. At the same time, club also organizes inter service matches with the probationers of other services visiting IGNFA.



In order to create gender equality and promote games like football and cricket among women, Sports Club has initiated Tip Run and Hurly Burly Football under the guidance of OIC Sports.

Probationers participate enthusiastically in evening hour sports period on regular basis. In last one year, fitness level of probationers has shown considerable improvement.