This is the place in the hostel for the probationers to set aside the day’s demands and relax. This is where plan and preparation for cultural activities and other programs are discussed and given shape. Time-to-time meetings of various clubs are also held here. This is the common room for the probationers to share bonds of friendship, to spend time in discussions, to watch sports matches on the large TV screen and to hold impromptu celebrations. All major magazines, newspapers are subscribed weekly for keeping the probationers up to date with the current events. Carom, Table Tennis and Piano are a great attraction for the probationers in their leisure hours.

Trophies and medals won by the probationers in various inter academy games are displayed in the exhibition section. The Lounge secretary is responsible for keeping the lounge up-to-date and maintains the discipline in the lounge.

We make our stay beautiful and memorable through various activities that we engage right from the moment we stepped into the academy. From time to time we organize various competitive events such as Antakshari, Dumb charades, etc., involving all the faculty members and families. We too invite various guest artists and performers such as PuruliaChhau dancers, Odissi dancers, great Bharatanatyam dancers etc. in collaboration with SPIC MACAY, “The society for the promotion of Indian classical Music and Culture amongst youth”. Cultural club of Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy is known for festivities. We celebrate all the Indian festivals starting from New Year till Christmas.

Once in a month/twice in a month we organize DJ parties to chill out after long tours and various exercises. We display our talents through cultural nights organized frequently. The most memorable celebration is the Meghotsav, the cultural fest, it’s the sheer euphoria of motion, and it is a 2 to 3 days non-stop festival with events going on well throughout. The events include music, drama, dance, stage shows, treasure hunts, orchestra, and fun games. It is the time when one can feel the real taste of various cultures not only of India but also of other cultures from Officers who’ve joined us at the training from Bhutan.

Hollywood, Bollywood, regional movies, foreign languages are screened at the New Hostel Auditorium:

  • Movies to be screened have been decided by receiving ‘Viewers choice’ from probationers and faculty.
  • Movie club is maintaining a huge collection of almost movies and documentaries, which can be accessible for Probationers and faculty from the local network of IGNFA.
IGNFA Literary

Reading and writing are the hobbies that develop one’s outlook of the world in a larger perspective. They attribute to our inherent curiosity and inquisitiveness with a better understanding about different facets of life. As literature is experiencing the experiences of others; it evolves a person into a better human being in all aspects of life. IGNFA officer’s club is actively showcasing and promoting literary interests of IFS probationers through its Literary Club. Secretary and Joint Secretary of the Literary Club are chosen through elections from senior and junior IFS Probationer Batches, respectively.

Library of IGNFA is very rich in literature of different languages and for different age groups as well. Literary club promotes the interest of its officers in literature through assisting in different academic activities like classroom presentations of book reviews, panel discussions, debates, participatory writing competitions, graffiti etc.

From time to time, it organizes ‘in campus’ book exhibitions in association with local publishing houses that provide on the spot purchase facility also. Officers also use the electronic media like Face-book groups to express and share their view on various subjects.

Computer & GIS Lab

The Lab interfaces with the IT team of IGNFA to help probationers with their IT requirements. The IT club actively coordinates with the IGNFA IT team to work on latest initiatives like – the IGNFA Cloud, IGNFA website, so on.

The club also helps the probationers to better understand the Internet and technology space. It also helps in coordinating various events of the other clubs when needed and also holds tech awareness programs from time to time.