Prominent Books by IFS Officers

S.No. Name of IFS Officer (S./Smt./Sh.) Batch Cadre Name of Book
1 A.C. Lakshmana 1964 Karnataka Rattans of South India
        Challenges of a Tropical Forester for Sustainable Development
        Vanavella kalpatharu ( Memoirs)
        Sahasa kathegalu ( Adventurous stories)
2 Vijay Singh 1966 Maharashtra This is my Visiting Card
3 Dr. Anil Berry 1969 Uttar Pradesh Forestry Land Evaluation
4 R.M.Palanna 1970 Karnataka Memoirs of a Forester
5 R.B. Lal 1975 Manipur/Tripura Principles and Practices of Range Management
        Forest Vegetation and Soil
6 Dr. Suresh Chandra Deorani 1975 Nagaland Orchids of Nagaland
        Medicinal Plants of Nagaland
7 Sudhir Ahluwalia 1976 Uttar Pradesh Holy Herbs: Modern Connections to Ancient Plants
        Asian Herbs and their wondrous health-giving properties
        Nutrition Facts and a guide to good health
        Natural Solutions for Cancer
        Natural Solutions for Diabetes
        Natural Solutions for Obesity
8 Brij Kishore Singh 1976 Karnataka Destroy Forests, Destroy Life
        Economics for Foresters
        Forest Rights Act - Accelerated Deforestation
        Changing Land Uses - Shrinking Streams and Carbon Sinks
9 M.H.A. Shaikh 1977 Karnataka Parisarad Parimal (A collection of Kannada Poems on Forests and Environment)
        Kavya Kasturi (A collection of Kannada Poems)
10 Dipak Sarmah 1977 Karnataka Status of Forests of Karnataka (2018)
        Forestry in Karnataka – A Journey of 150 Years (2019)
        Forests of Karnataka – A Panoramic View (2019)
        Wildlife Management in Karnataka – A Forester’s Perspective (2019)
        Forestry in India during British Era – Karnataka Case-Study (2020)
        Agroforestry in Karnataka – A Golden Opportunity for Green Growth (2020)
        Dry Deciduous Forests of Karnataka – Adding Years to Their Life, and to Ours (2021)
        Forests and Trees of Karnataka – A Journey in Time through Buchanan’s Eyes (2021)
        Stranger at Home – Teak Forests of Karnataka (2021)
        Down, but Not Out – Sandal in Karnataka (2022)
        Bamboo in the Backyard (2022)
        Forests of Karnataka - Why and How of Where They Are (2023)
11 Dr. Harbhajan Singh Pabla 1977 Madhya Pradesh Road To Nowhere (Wildlife Conservation in India-1)
        Wardens in Shackles (Wildlife Conservation in India-2)
        Laws at War (Wildlife Conservation in India-3)
        Besides Loving the Beasts (Wildlife Conservation in India-4)
        Inside Forest Fires (Wildlife Conservation in India-5)
12 Ravindra Nath Saxena 1978 Madhya Pradesh The Handbook of Environment & Forest Legislations, Guidelines and Procedures in India
        Biodiversity Indexing Techniques in India
        Ethnobotany of Vindhyan Region of Madhya Pradesh
        Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972 - Crime Detection, Investgation, Prosecution, Court Procedures & Conviction
13 Dr. V.K. Bahuguna 1979 Tripura Quest for Civility : An Insight into Indian Babudom
        Making Indian Governance Work : A Citizen's Dream for his Country
        Root To Canopy
        Soil fauna in Tropical ecosystem
14 Shivendu K Srivastava 1981 Madhya Pradesh Commercial Use of Biodiversity: Resolving the Access and Benefit Sharing Issues
        Yahan Se Iss Tarah (collection of poems in Hindi)
15 Pradeep Kumar 1982 Jharkhand मै बाघ हू सुनो मेरी कहानी ।
16 Ashutosh Samant Singhar 1983 Tamil Nadu The Indian Forest Act, 1927 and Forests in India (published 2021)
        Spatial pattern of forest characteristics and forest susceptibility in the Sathyamangalam landscape. Kodandapani N, Satheesh N and A.S. Singhar(2012)
        Human dimensions of Forest degradation in the Sathyamangalam landscape: Kodandapani N, Satheesh N, Rajkumaar K and A.S. Singhar (2014)
        People's participation: Some experiences in Tamilnadu Afforestation Programme, Salem (edited) (2002)
17 M Lokeswara Rao 1983 Nagaland Buddhism on Stamps
        Himalayan Birds on Stamps
18 Dr. Ajay Kumar Mahapatra 1984 Odisha Wild Edible Fruits of Eastern India
        Aquatic Plants of Eastern India
        Mushroom Diversity in Eastern Ghats of India
        Amphibians and Reptiles of Similipal Biosphere Reserve
        Managing Forest for Species Survival
        Biodiversity Conservation through CBNRM- Odisha Experiment
19 Vilas S Bardekar 1984 Maharashtra Pokhila- Apaharanche 81 Diwas, Pokhila Apaharan ke 81 Din ( Hindi Version)
20 Dr. Bipin Behari 1985 AGMUT Forest Entomology (1992)
        Bamboos : From Forests To Farmers (2009)
21 Surendra Kumar 1986 Kerala Hakim Singh and Other Short Stories
22 Dr. Abhay Kumar Patil 1986 Madhya Pradesh Depletion of Natural Forest Areas in Odisha: Causes and Effects
23 H.S. Gupta 1986 Jharkhand "Gupta, H.S., Yadav, M., Sharma, D.K. ,M,Verma et al (2014) ""Science and Business of Forestry Carbon Projects"""
        "Gupta, H.S., Kumar, V., Sinha, V.K. and Sharma, D.K. (2014)""A Manual on Forest (Conservation) Act"""
        "Gupta, H.S., Sinha, V.K., Singh, R.K. and Sharma, D.K. (2013) ""Afforestation in India: Dimensions of evaluation"""
        "Gupta, H. S., Yadav, M., Singh, A.M. and Sharma, D.K. (2013) ""Ensuring Sustainability in India Forestry, certification of forest"""
        "Gupta, H.S. and Okhandiar, R. (2013), ""Policy and legal frame work for Urban Green Space Governance in India"""
        Monograph- Mapping of vegetation, social and organizational structure, financial and infrastructural facilities in Orissa for potential forest based business development planning under JFM
24 M Jagannadha Rao 1986 Tamil Nadu Roshetko, J. M., Pingault, N., Quang Tan, N., Meybeck, A., Matta, R. and Gitz, V. (2022). Asia-Pacific roadmap for innovative technologies in the forest sector
        FAO. (2021). Society, economy and forests: The unfolding forest transition in China and the lessons for the future
        FAO. (2020) COVID-19: Investing in sustainable natural resource management for green and inclusive recovery in Asia and the Pacific
        Masiero, M., D. Pettenella, M. Boscolo, S. K Barua, I. Animon, and J.R. Matta (2019). Valuing forest ecosystem services: A training manual for planners and project developers
        FAO & UNECE (2018). Forests and Water - Valuation and Payments for Forest Ecosystem Services
25 H S Sohal 1987 AGMUT Ethology - An Introduction to Animal Behaviour
        Environment and Biotechnology
26 P. Devraj 1987 AGMUT Forests of Andaman
        Mangroves of Pondicherry
        Tree breeding principles and concept
        Sacred Groves of Pondicherry (department publication)
        Monograph of Silver Oak(Grewilia robusts)
27 Sanjay Gupta 1987 Andhra Pradesh Water Resources of Andhra Pradesh
28 Dr. Sudarsan Panda 1987 Odisha Bird Atlas of Chilika
        Atlas of Chilika
        Fish Atlas of Chilika
        Faunal diversity of Nandankanan sanctuary
        Floral diversity of Nandankanan sanctuary
        Whales, dolphins and porpoise of Odisha
        Irrawaddy dolphins--- A species at the crossroads
29 R Sreenivasa Murthy 1987 Madhya Pradesh Our Tigers Return
30 Aseem Shrivastava 1988 Madhya Pradesh A Photographic Compendium of Butterflies of Central India
31 Dr. Dvijendra Kumar Sharma 1988 Tripura The Faunal Wealth of Tripura- A compilation: Compiled and Edited by Sharma DK, Agarwala BK, Adit Arjun, Debbarma Amit, and Roy Biprajit, 2021
        Ensuring Sustainability in Forestry – Certification of Forests(2013) by Gupta, HS; Yadav, M; Sharma, DK and Singh AM (Eds.)
        Afforestation in India – Dimensions of Evaluation (2013) by Gupta, HS;Sinha, VK;Singh, RK and Sharma, DK (Eds.)
        Bio-diversity Resource Book of Tripura
        Management of Gregariously Flowered Bamboo Areas in Tripura
        NTFP Resources of Tripura Volume –I (2009), pp-1-152 (Edited)
        NTFP Resources of Tripura Volume –I (2009), pp-1-164 (Edited)
        Status of Bamboo Resource Development and its Utilization in Tripura, 2008. Pp.1-220 (Edited)
32 Dr. Deep Narayan Pandey 1988 Rajasthan घर से वन तक
33 Sanjeev Kumar Chadha 1989 Odisha Bhitarkanika-Myth and Reality
        Jumbos on the Edge
34 I. N. Singh 1990 Chattisgarh Paryavaran Vimarsh
        Van vidhi sanchhepika
        Samadhan ghazal samiksha
35 Debal Ray 1991 West Bengal Biological Diversity: Origin, Evolution and Conservation
36 A.T.Mishra 1994 Jharkhand Birds of Jharkhand
37 Raj Kumar Bajpai 1994 Jharkhand Ramchitrayan/रामचित्रायण
38 Dr. Sandeep Tambe 1996 Sikkim Teaching and Learning Rural Livelihoods : A Guide for Educators, Students, and Practitioners
        Sikkim Human Development Report
        Climate Change in Sikkim – Patterns, Impacts and Initiatives
        Biodiversity of Sikkim – Exploring and Conserving a Global Hotspot
39 A.K. Singh 1997 Karnataka Kabini And The Jungle Stories
        Natural Wonders of India : A Traveler's Account of Natural History
40 Kumar Manish Arvind 1998 Jharkhand चल जंगल चल (जंगल गीत )
        संरक्षण के दोहे ( पर्यावरण विषयक सचित्र दोहे )
        वोट नहीं है गौरैया को (कविता संग्रह )
        शिखर पर जिजीविषा (कैंसर से संघर्ष की कथा )
        मिच्छामी दुक्कडम (मैथिली उपन्यास )
        और कितनी यातनाएँ (कविता संग्रह)
        त्रासदीक तर मे (जापानी कविताओं का मैथिली अनुवाद )
        जीवन, वन और धरती माता
        जिनगीक ओरिआओन करैत
        निछच्छ बताह भेल
        मिझायल सूर्यक नगर
        क्यों जंगल स्तब्ध खड़ा है?
        चियांकी राज बाबा
41 Pratima Srivastava 1999 Punjab The Unfortunate kidnapping- tales of Destiny
        The Driftwood
        The Anchored Boat and other poems
42 J. Justin Mohan 1999 Kerala The Evolution OF Access and Benefit Sharing Jurisprudence in India - Emerging Trends, Challenges and Way Forward
43 Sonali Ghosh 2000 Assam-Meghalaya Wild Treasures: Reflections on Natural World Heritage Sites in Asia
        Cultural landscapes in Asia
44 Ranjan Kumar Das 2001 Assam-Meghalaya Kaziranga. Leaves from a Forester's Notebook
45 Deepa D. Nair 2001 Tripura Medicinal Plants of Tripura
46 Rajesh S Kallaje 2001 Chattisgarh The Shadows in the Jungle
47 Arvind Apte 2002 Maharashtra Pokhila- Apaharanche 81 Diwas, Pokhila Apaharan ke 81 Din ( Hindi Version)
48 Dr. K. Sasikumar 2004 Tripura Agriculture Made Easy
49 S. Prabhu 2009 Tripura Indian Forestry : A Breakthrough Approach To Forest Service
50 Sonal Vrishni 2011 Karnataka Kappathagudda: A Repertoire of Medicinal Plants of Gadag
51 Yashpal Kshirsagar 2011 Karnataka  
52 Rajnish Kumar Singh 2017 Madhya Pradesh बाघों की कहानी मुन्ना की जुबानी