Dear Indian Forest Service Probationers of 2022 Batch

Welcome to Indian Forest Service Probationers 2022-24 Training Course at IGNFA commencing on 12/12/2022.

You are embarking on professional journey as a civil servant in the domain of management, administration and governance of forests and allied subjects.
Over the last few decades, this domain has been expanding in the overall affairs of society and state, encompassing natural resource systems, ecological and environmental dimensions and interrelated socio-economic systems - with amplified ramifications in the local, regional and global contexts. As such, the Indian Forest Service provides diversely engaging profession with its own unique charm that you would come to know and experience in course of time.

You are entering the service at a crucial juncture of our nation’s trajectory, referred to as the Amrit Kaal when we are celebrating the Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav having completed 75 years of Independence on the 15th August 2022. You would be the citizens taken on board the state authority and agency leading and partnering the nation’s transformation over the next two and half decades to arrive at centenary of our Independence – as the new India@100. An India of 1.6 billion people, urbanized with 1 billion city dwellers and $20 trillion GDP economy; an India - a powerhouse of industry and scientific and technological advancements; an India expectedly with remarkable progress in the human civilization ideals on all fronts, and a global leader in many ways. The India we aspire for to be like in 2047, beckons collective and concerted endeavours from all, and especially from the youth entering the commanding cadres of the civil services, who can face the challenges of time, convert them into opportunities, and contribute in the desired developmental transformations and sustaining the nation’s progress.
As a member of an All India Service, you are commencing at a vantage pedestal that would enable you to keep rising to ladders of leadership roles and functions over successive phases of your career. The next three decades of your functioning and contribution to the nation and the society will be of significant import – incremental, substantial and at times, transformative, on various fronts.

We, the civil servants, whatever domain we serve in, have the privilege of being part of the state, endowed with facilities, power and authority delegated by the state and bestowed by the nation and society. This privilege has to be whole heartedly dedicated to the service of the societal objectives and causes prescribed by our constitution and the legitimate organs of the state. The fundamental purpose of training and capacity building at this stage of incubation in the Indian Forest Service is to imbibe and establish dedication and commitment for rendering the service expected by the nation and society, and to develop the initial basic competence with knowledge, skills and attitudinal orientation to enable that during the course of service.

We welcome you to this Academy to begin your career by training yourself to attain competency as a forester, attributes of a dedicated civil servant, and concurrently nurture and accrue attributes of a responsible citizen and noble virtues of a human being. The Academy shall fully support and facilitate you in your efforts and endeavours in that direction: guiding, sharing and participating in the training engagements during the one and a quarter year you are expected to be with us.

Looking forward to receive you in the second week of December 2022!

Bharat Jyoti