​35th Professional Skill Up-gradation (Induction Training) Course for the State Forest Service (SFS) Officers inducted in Indian Forest Service (IFS) is scheduled to be held from 28 August to 27 October, 2023. 

The concerned officers are requested to go through the letters sent to their respective State Governments in the following links and do the needful. They are also requested to complete the online registration by 18.08.2023 (05.00 PM) and join the course with approval of their Governments. 

Contact details of Course Coordinators :
Contact details of Course Coordinator Shri Tulsi Das, Associate Professor, IGNFA
Phone No. 0135 – 2754395
Mobile No. 7887012333 (whatsapp only)
Email Tulsi.das07@ignfa.gov.in
IST Cell Help Desk
Phone No. 0135 – 2757738
Email ist-cell@ignfa.gov.in
 S.No   Name    Link  
  1    PCCF Madhya Pradesh      View  
  2    PCCF Goa      View  
  3    PCCF Haryana      View  
  4    PCCF Himachal Pradesh      View  
  5    PCCF_Karnataka      View  
  6    PCCF Madhya Pradesh      View  
  7    PCCF Maharashtra      View  
  8    PCCF Meghalaya      View  
  9    PCCF Mizoram      View  
 10    PCCF Rajasthan      View  
 11    PCCF Tamil Nadu      View  
 12   PCCF Tripura      View