The cell was constituted on 8th January, 2013 with a view to strengthen the capacity building in the academy and to impart latest knowledge and skill on Forest Biodiversity to various stakeholders especially the in-service officers and Probationers of Indian Forest Services and other stakeholders like participants of joint training programmes from IAS/IPS/IRS, Judiciary etc.

The cell has two Committees
  • Apex Academic Committee
  • Core Academic Committee
The Apex Academic Committee of the cell plays an advisory role. The constitution of the committee is as follows

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The terms of reference of the apex committee are as follows
  • Identification of segments of forest biodiversity conservation framework for imparting training and up gradation of skills of forest managers and other stakeholders
  • Documentation of information available
  • Building links with state forest departments, state biodiversity boards, research institutions, experts, NGOs to promote capacity building of stakeholders on related subjects
  • Recommendations for achievements of forest conservation objectives
The Core Academic Committee which looks after day to day working of the cell is constituted with the following members

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  • United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Projects


    PROJECT : Developing and implementing a curriculum on NTFP for IFS Probationers IGNFA, UNDP- Collaborative Programme.


    s no. Targets Remarks
    1. Workshop/ meetings

    1. A module on NTFP was prepared for inclusion in the course curriculum.

    2. One day workshop on 'Management of NTFP in India' was conducted to share case studies and success stories.

    2. Development of study material inviting expertise from carious organizations and conducting pilot exercise.

    1. A module on medicinal and aromatic plants was conducted at FLRHT Bangalore.

    2. Study material has been compiled on NTFP related issues

    3. Resource material for library

    1. Books have been procured for the IGNFA library.

    4. Development of NTFP portal to IGNFA website

    1. A link has been added to the IGNFA website and study material has been uploaded.

    5. Capacity building of IGNFA facility

    1. The propose foreign visit of IGNFA facility could not be under taken due to clearance not given by IFD Division of MoEF. Therefore, capacity building tools like projectors and laptops were purchased. .

    PROJECT : UNDP Project on Capacity building of Indian Forest Service Officers on "Biodiversity conservation with special reference to Aquatic, Marine and Coastals Biodiversity"

    First meeting of the core committee of the UNDP project on capacity building of IFS Officers was held at New Delhi on 14th March, 2014. It was discussed that a 3-day module on coastal and marine biodiversity for all IFS probationers and one or two week programme for in-service IFS Officers should be under taken. It was also discussed that a course curriculum shall be developed on the related subject.

    Second Workshop of "Bio-diversity conservation with special reference to aquatic, coastal and marine biodiversity" on 15.12.2014 to 17.12.2014 at IGNFA

    1. Concept note of the workshop

    2. Venue details

    Venue : The Sunway GRT Grand, Pondicherry
    Check in/ Checkout Time : 12 noon
    Check in Date : 14th Dec 2014
    Check out Date : 17th Dec 2014


    1. Schedule of the Workshop

    2. Contact details for arrangements

    Contact detail : Biodiversity Cell
    Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy Dehradun.