`Film on “Celebrating 50 Years of IFS”

Film on “Celebrating 50 Years of IFS”

IGNFA was assigned the task of making a film on “Celebrating 50 Years of Indian Forest Service’. The film has been made under the overall guidance of Dr. Shashi Kumar, Director, IGNFA. Concept, Script and Coordination was carried out by the team led by Dr. Mohit Gera, Professor, IGNFA with faculty members as Dr. Senthil Kumar, Dr. S. P. Anandh Kumar, Dr. Vishwakannan and Sh. Amit Ruhella. Special assistance in script writing was provided by Sh. D. C. Khanduri, Former CF from HP Cadre.

In this piece of Art, the Academy has tried to trace the importance of Forests to mankind from Vedic times and has built up on the Indian philosophy of conservation inspired by Atharva Veda, which is based on concept of “Sustainable Development” .

The film covers the history of management of Forests from the times of Chandragupta Maurya to Shivaji and the British period during which the foundation of Scientific Management of Forests was laid out.

The short film has captured the essence of 150 years of Indian Forestry starting from Imperial Forest Service to the Indian Forest Service, as we see today. It has showcased the special traits and training needs for IFS Officers and their contribution in enhancement of Forest Cover, Protection and Conservation of Wildlife & Biodiversity, Participatory Management, Coastal Areas and Mangroves Management, Ecotourism and important role of IFS officers in Policy Making, Good Governance at State and Central Ministries.

The film also highlights the changing role of an IFS officer, risks involved in the profession and supreme sacrifices made by the Foresters including the IFS Officers.

The film also showcases the achievements of IFS Officers in other spheres like Participation in Antartica Expedition, Scaling Mount Everest and receiving of Padma Awards, Kirti and Shaurya Chakras.

The Academy takes this opportunity to thank Sh. Anil Madhav Dave, Hon’ble Minister of State (I/C), MoEF&CC, Sh. Ajay Narayan Jha, Secretary to GoI, MoEF&CC and Dr. S.S. Negi, DGF & SS, MoEF&SS for their support. The Academy also thank all SFDs, State Wildlife Departments, Forestry Institutions and Organizations for their inputs and support.

The services provided by M/s Marigold Films are duly acknowledged.

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