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 PhaseIV (6th Course) MCT PROGRAMME

IGNFA is organizing 6th Phase IV Mid-Career Training Programme (Duration 8 weeks) from 17th June 2013 for IFS officers of 16-18 years seniority (1995/1996 YoA), currently serving as Conservator of Forests in their respective states. The programme is being attended by a total of 63 officers from various states. The programme is organized in association with TERI University New Delhi.

The Phase IV program is focused on preparing the officers for 'Next Stage Competency' and developing the officers' understanding of the latest developments in the sector.Accordingly, the programme has been designed to incorporate exposure to such issues and also to expose the participants to the best practices available globally. The programme is being conducted by TERI University in close association with Yale University, USA & University of Eastern Finland. The program would conclude on 09th Aug at the Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy Dehradun, India.

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