IFS officers of the country are part of the nation's management expertise pool. The training course for the IFS Probationers is designed to address these requirements. Some of the essential elements of the training are as follows:
1.    Capacity building by imparting technical knowledge and skills required in forestry sector
2.    Enhancing management skills
3.    The personality development as a member of Indian Forest Service
To achieve the above course objectives, training at the Academy extends over a period of 2 years. Comprehensive exposure to all the subjects that are directly or indirectly related to forestry are provided. The course is designed to be covered in phases as under
1.    Foundation Course
2.    Professional Phase I
3.    Professional Phase II
4.    Convocation Phase

 The probation period in IFS extends over two years. After successful completion of probation (which includes successful completion of training at LBSNAA and IGNFA), an Officer is given posting as Assistant Conservator of Forests on his joining in the State Cadre. On the basis of sound service record and successful completion of probation in all respects, the Officer is confirmed in the service. Thereafter, depending upon the availability of posts, he is appointed in the senior time scale of the IFS as Deputy Conservator of Forests.

Performance Appraisal Report

As prescribed under All India Services (Performance Appraisal Report) Second Amendment Rules, 2008, Performance Appraisal Reports are maintained for every officer and written annually. In this document complete assessment of the good qualities of the officers, as also shortcomings and his achievement/performance during the year are recorded to reflect the complete personality of the officer in respect of interest, aptitude, involvement and devotion to duty. This record, compiled annually, forms the basis for confirmation and promotions. A Probationer must always strive to get outstanding entries in his/her performance appraisal reports as it will help the officer in getting regular promotions, advance increments, and prestigious assignments within the country and abroad.

An adverse report, however, might lead to extended probation period. This may delay confirmation in the service, promotion to senior scale and withholding of increments in junior scale and even discharge from service in extreme cases.

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