MCT Phase – II (4th) Course

4th Course of MCT Phase II for the officers of 14-16 years of seniority (2002, 2003 & 2004 batch) is scheduled to be held from 09th July to 04th August, 2018. The concerned officers are requested to go through the letters sent to their respective State Governments in the following links and do the needful. 

Contact details of Course Coordinators

1. Dr. Praveen Jha, Professor, IGNFA
 Phone No. :  0135 – 2753074
 Mobile No. 09431100424
 Email        :
Dr. B. Balaji, Associate Professor, IGNFA  
 Phone No.  0135 – 2757739
 Mobile No.  09412050565

MCT Desk

Phone No.      0135-2757738


Final List of participants MCT-II(4)

Final list of participants (country wise)

Political Clearance from MEA

Dummy Finland Visa form

Cadre Clearance from MoEF&CCRussia Finland)

Tentative Schedule (Overseas Module) Russia Finland)

Invitations from Foreign PartnersRussia Finland)

Letters sent to States & Cadre Controlling Authorities 

Online Registration (Closed)

Extension of the last date of Registration

Letter to Chief Secretary for all States (English)

Letter to Chief Secretary for all States (Hindi)

List of Nominated Participants for MCT Phase – II (4th) Course (Annexure 1, Annexure 2)


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