Ecosystem Services- Valuation and Policy Issues

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Section-I : Concept and approaches to valuing ecosystem services
i) Byod, J. and S. Banzhaf (2006).
   What are ecosystem services?
ii) Farber, S. C., R. Costanza and M. A. Wilson (2002).
   Economic and ecological concepts for valuing ecosystem services
iii) Bishop, J. T. (1999).
    Valuing forests:  A review of methods and applications in developing countries
Section-II : A selection of valuation studies (International)
i) Costanza, R., R. d’Arge, R. D. Groot, S. Farber, M. Grasso, B. Hannon, K. Limburg,
   S. Naeem, R.V. O’Neil, J.  Paruelo, R. G. Raskin, P. Sutton and M. V. D. Belt (1997).

   The value of the world’s ecosystem services and natural capital
ii) Adger, W. N., K. Brown, R. Cervigni and D. Moran (1995).
   Total economic value of forests in Mexico
Section-III : A selection of valuation studies (Indian)
i) Verma, M. (2008).
   Framework for forest resources accounting: factoring in the intangibles
ii) Report of the Expert Committee on Net Present Value (Professor Kanchan Chopra Committee) (2006).
    Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government of India, New Delhi.
iii) SANDEE. (2007).
    Mangroves – A natural defense against cyclones: An investigation from Orissa, India
iv) Gera, M., A. K. Yadav, N. S. Bisht and G. Mohan (2008).
     Valuation of recreational benefits from Valley of Flowers National Park
Section-IV: Linking valuation and payments
i) Wunder, S. (2005).
   Payments for environmental services: Some nuts and bolts
ii) Agarwal, C. (2007).
   Developing incentive-based mechanisms for securing watershed services:
  Lessons from working with upland communities in India
ii) UNEP. (2006).
   Developing International payments for ecosystem services: A technical discussion
iii) Gokhale, Y. (2012).
    Conservation of biodiversity and ecosystem services by REDD+ project in India


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