Convocation 2012

The Annual Convocation of the Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy was organized in the Convocation Hall, FRI, Dehradun on 28th August 2012. Shri A.K Bansal, Additional Director General, Ministry of Environment and Forest, Government of India graced the occasion as Chief Guest. Dr. V.K Bahuguna Director General, Indian Council for Forestry Research & Education  presided over the function.

Shri R K Goel, Director, Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy informed the gathering that today 68 Officers of 2010-12 professional forestry training course, including 2 trainees from Bhutan have successfully completed the two-year training at the Academy. Out of these, 07 officers have secured more than 75% marks in the aggregate, thereby qualifying to get the Honours Diploma. All those who have successfully completed the training were awarded the Associate of IGNFA Diploma by the Chief Guest.  He urged the young Probationers to work with utmost sincerity and devotion. He also told them that their compassionate attitude for the local communities will help them in protection and conservation of our forests, which are the great repository of biodiversity.
At the ceremony, the officers who had shown outstanding achievements were awarded the different prizes and awards. Mr Vikram Kesharee Pradhan of Rajasthan cadre became the topper of the 2010-12 training course.
Dr. V.K Bahuguna Director General, Indian Council for Forestry Research & Education congratulated the officers and sensitized them towards the challenges awaiting them in the sector.  He also spoke about importance of professionalism in the Govt. service.
Shri A.K Bansal Additional Director General, Ministry of Environment and Forest, Government of India in his Convocation address, congratulated the officer trainees and noted that the training imparted at the IGNFA prepares the officers for the tough challenges that lie ahead of the young officers in their jobs. He also drew attention towards the emergent concept of REDD+ and managing forests for ecosystem services. The forest managers, he felt, now can work with confidence with the local institutions of decentralized governance such as Gram Sabhas, Panchayats, Joint Forest Committees etc. He also exhorted the officers to act as facilitators and converting the threats to forests into opportunity by eliciting people’s cooperation.
The Convocation ceremony was attended by a large number of senior level officers from the central and state govt. organizations.

S.No. Name of Award Name of winner Cadre
1.  All Round Outstanding Performance  Sh. Vikram Kesharee Pradhan  Rajasthan
2.  Best All Rounder Forester  Sh. Bijo Joy  Rajasthan
3.  Topper in Core forestry Subjects  Ms. Divya Prabhu GRJ  Karnataka
4.  P. Srinivas Memorial Prize  Ms. Divya Prabhu GRJ
 Sh. Samir Kumar


 Uttar Pradesh

5.  Sanjay Singh Memorial Prize  Ms. Divya Prabhu GRJ  Karnataka
6.  Hill Memorial Prize  Sh. Vikram Kesharee  Pradhan  Rajasthan
7.  D.C. Agarwal Prize  Sh. Anil Kumar Patel  Uttar Pradesh
8.  E.P. Gee. Prize  Ms. Divya Prabhu GRJ  Karnataka
9.  R.N. Mathur Prize  Ms. Divya Prabhu GRJ  Karnataka
10.  K.P. Sagrieya Prize for Shreshta Vaniki Puraskar  Sh. Vikram Kesharee Pradhan  Rajasthan
11.  Sulochana Naidu Memorial Prize  Sh. Mahaveer Koujalagi  Uttar Pradesh
12.  D.H. Kulkarni Gold Memorial Prize  Sh. Damodhar A T  AGMUT
13.  B.N. Ganguly Award  Sh. Vikram Kesharee Pradhan  Rajasthan
14.  K.M. Tiwari Memorial Prize  Ms. Divya Prabhu GRJ  Karnataka
15.  Senior Forester Prize for Best Field Forester  Sh. Vikram Kesharee Pradhan  Rajasthan
16.  Nilgiri Wildlife Club Prize  Sh. Chandra Shekher Sanwal  Uttarakand
17.  'The Spirit of 1982' for exhibiting best communication skills  Sh. Ravi Kumar Singh  Uttar Pradesh
18.  V.S. Rao Prize for best foreign trainee  Ms. Tshering Zam (FT)  Bhutan


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